I am an insightful and responsive Occupational Psychologist who creates solutions that develop Individuals, Teams and Organisations. This is based on a track record of impactful interventions for clients and accomplished through the following services:



  • Executive Coaching – targeted to explore, drive, achieve and secure business and personal success
  • Performance Coaching– raising self awareness and unlocking potential, such as attaining excellence/promotion, overcoming organisational barriers and facing challenging/problematic situations
  • Team Leadership – Securing the full potential of your people
  • Career Counselling – making the big decisions, achieving greater authenticity and finding ways of being more satisfied at work



  • Startups – Forming, Storming, Norming
  • Senior Team development – Establishing a platform to become a high performing team
  • Working with teams facing difficult challenges
  • Enabling teams to adapt and gain from major transitions/reorganisations


Organisation Development

  • Facilitating major organization change from people and culture point of view
  • Aligning change in one part of the system to the whole system
  • Enabling new CEOs
  • Top team development
  • Career Development for leaders and managers
  • Psychological Assessment for Selection, Development, Promotion
  • Specialist in HR Development to support organization development.