The approach is one of a structured counselling process to give more of a personal platform from which to make changes. The building blocks include:-


  • Helping you to do some introspection
  • Learn about patterns, motivations and blocks
  • Generate options for change and development and then tie them to some data via structured approaches like personality profiling

A common pattern is an exploratory phone call or meeting followed by 3 sessions:-

Exploratory session will explain the core model and how it could work and how it can differ for clients needs i.e. if it might all get done in one session or a series may be required. After the session a letter will summarise what has been discussed as a basis for the future work.

The first session is 3 hours long including a lifeline, The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and Career Anchors Inventory, exploring the meaning of these and concluding with some homework.

The second session is 2 hours and often is about shaping the thinking and research that has gone on between the meetings and then defining actions and choices.

The third session is action orientated, specific planning of behavioural changes

The first conversation will explain all this – to convey that the work includes a structured process but at heart of it is personal learning. Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions is enough and sometimes it turns into a longer term coaching process


Who is it for?

  • People who are at a crossroads in their career
  • People who feel stuck in work and feel the need to change something but don’t know what
  • People who are stressed or troubled by their current work situation
  • People who are returning to work after a parental break or have been made redundant and wish to rethink life at work
  • People who are moving towards retirement and want to plan a different life/work balance and perhaps a different work focus



  • A lot more understanding of self and what motivates, stimulates, nourishes and satisfies you, what stresses and de-energises you.
  • Being much clearer about choices
  • Staying in the same role but in a different way
  • Taking action and making changes like a new job, returning to work after a break or redundancy, retiring. 



Download Career Counselling leaflet
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